A.P. ASTRA - No smoke, no fire (Helmut Schmidt)

General information

Global Galleries© is a non-profit art cooperative (npo). With support of Artforum Culture Foundation and cooperated foundations we promote art by modern and emerging artists. Global Galleries© accompanies art projects and exhibitions, give advise to collectors, promotes cooperation between artists, galleries, companies, institutions, collectors, and negotiates art from private ownership and initiates editions. In order to develop and establish a lasting basis, Global Galleries© itself is in need for support. We

MR. BRAINWASH - Marilyn Monroe

Art without borders

Benefits through Collaborations Private art collectors or art estates are invited to sell their paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, graphics and photographic works from their own property through direct collaboration with Global Galleries©. ArtForum Editions© and Global Galleries©  are projects by Artforum Culture Foundation. The digital and analogue projects make it possible to offer international works of art at a reasonable price. Consignments of artworks by private collectors help us to

A.P . ASTRA - MONA Mixed media


Global Galleries© realizing art projects,promoting cooperation between artists, galleries, companies, institutions, collectors,negotiating art from private ownership and initiating editions.   more…. Contemporary art, especially conceptual photo art and cross-media works of international, established and emerging artists. Limited editions. Other projects: Artist rugs. Interior art. Art and Architecture.   more…