Heinz Zolper

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Heinz Zolper, born 1949 in Cologne, studied 1969-1972 at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and 1969-1974 at the University of applied arts Cologne. Painting for tolerance, women’s rights and equality Heinz Zolper, loner and artistic partner of such diverse personalities as Milva, … Continued

Keith Haring

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American artist Keith Haring was best known for his graffiti-inspired drawings, which he first made in subway stations and later exhibited in museums. He was born on May 4, 1958, in Reading, Pennsylvania. In 1978 he moved to New York … Continued

Alexis Akrithakis

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Alexis Akrithakis (Αλέξης Ακριθάκης) was a Greek painter, born in Athens in 1939. He met in 1956 the idiosyncratic philosopher George Makris who acknowlegdes his talent and encourages him to become a painter. He left Athens and moved 1958 to … Continued