Joe Brockerhoff

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Joe BrockerhoffJohannes (Joe) Brockerhoff is a painter and philosopher, born 1952 in Leipzig. He left very early the Deutsche Demokratische Republik with his family for West Germany. Also  His art is very close to conceptual pop art, in this case also familiar to Jeff Koons. He is a pioneering spray-artist and one of the greatest artists in this aerea. Among his close artists friends are Sigmar Polke, Georg Polke, Memphis Schulze, A.P. Astra, Fujio Akai, Michael Jansen, Stephan Runge and Achim Duchow. With the last two he has in common his love and relation to Japan. He lives and works in Germany, France and Japan, holding studios near Düsseldorf, Bordeaux, in Tokyo and Osaka.

His virtuous technic made him an unique master of painting, very close to renaissance wallpainting tradition and his spray art is influental to street art as well.

A creator of finest paintings, he is also one of the very few artists able to design and decorate huge objects like castles, airplanes or trains. His artworks exceeding social boundaries and are created as well for adult entertainment and funfairs as for important private and public art collections in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Greece, Russia, Emirates, Japan and the US.

Exhibitions, performances and purchases: i.a. Forum für moderne Künste – Berlin, ’Hans Kultur’, Art Space NYC, PAC Austria, Hiroden Peace Train – Hiroshima, Opernpalais Berlin, Artforum Collection, Galerie OXY – Osaka / Japan, Sunshine Gallery Chiang Mai, National Gallery Malaysia, Ostasien Gesellschaft Tokyo, Kashiba contemporary Art Museum, Atrium Madinat Jumeira Dubai, Extrahart Artists fair – Art Cologne satellite, Düsseldorf City Museum, Landesmuseum NRW, Winter Foundation Hamburg, Ministry of Osaka.

About the artist and his work numerous features were made, i.a. Cultural magazine Hans Kultur, Apex, Spiegel, Asahi Shinbun.

TV-Reports on German WDR, VOX, RTL and Japanese NHK, AsahiTV, localbroadcastings Osaka, Hiroshima and Italian Bergamo / Lucca, Dubai Gulf News and EN-TV Arabia / London