Aga Kan

Aga Kan is an Arabian freelancer and artist. He was educated and living between different cultures, that has led him to accept social bonds and responsibility in accordance with individual liberties for every living being. After initial difficulties, he decided 2002 to work as an artist anonymously and under some changing alias i.a. with his contributions to Gulf Projects as Muhammed Gallin: Influence on faith and social competence to our daily life and culture and vice versa. The freedom of art presupposes personal freedom. His basic conviction is that the artists, who claim to be the right to freedom for their own actions, have to work for freedom in social coexistence. Thus, an important thought is that there can be no freedom in a state whose judgments are not binding upon all. A decision as a question of discretion is unworthy foe him. Never, a decision in its negative interpretation may be dependent on the mood of an individual. A discretionary decision can only be anticipated as an improving right for the goodwill.

Aga Kan is concerned with the visions and fears of the people. Against this background, he reflects and comments on cultural and intercultural processes. Places and and people have a special place in his conceptions, which he tries to implement in performances, land art sculptures and multimedial images.

His work is very limited due to political difficulties. There are only a few selected private collections in Arabia, Iran, Turkey and Europe. To promote his work, he is preparing limited editions in cooperation with ArtForum Editions.


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